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greek goddess of poetry

Sappho's poetry was primarily focused on the themes of love and beauty, often expressing her own emotions and desires.
In a very patriarch society SAPPHO was one of the few women who had their voice recognized.

She wrote about love.

While there is no direct evidence that Sappho was a lesbian herself, her poems often express passionate love and desire for other women, as much as men.

Native of Lesbos island lived a meaningful life that inspired us to continue with her work.

We do not express our love and power in poetry, but handmade sculptures. We use only natural products:

rapeseed wax and clay. 

SAPPHO STUDIO is a recognition of self love projected to out world.

Let's not forget who we are!


Rotenmühlgasse 56, 1120,

Vienna, Austria



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Opening Hours


12:00 – 16:00

Please, let me know if you would like to step by any other time

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